About Me

About me

Sara Golden

My Passion

International Judo Athlete
2024 & 2028 Olympic Hopeful

When I'm Not on the Mat

I am a college student and like hanging with my friends. At school I thrive to be on the Chancellors list. My grades are very important to me. I am a member of National Honor Society that requires volunteer hours in school as well as on my own. I have been teaching Judo to students as my credit toward the Honor Society. My family means a lot me and I love animals. We spend a lot of time traveling to and from practices and tournaments which gives me lots of time to do homework, reading, watching movies, and sometimes sleep. My hobbies are Judo, drawing, and going to school. My favorite animals are dogs. I love to draw. I like to watch movies. Do lots of Judo and spend time with my family.

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